Rainbow Healing Movement Exercise

These gentle Qi Gong movement exercises can be incorporated to aid in integrating the healing energies of your Rainbow Healing practices.

Pairing of the Ways exercise

This simple Qi Gong exercise is designed to increase and balance the body’s energetic field.

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder distance apart.

Bring hands to the front with palms facing each other about 4-6 inches apart. For men, the left hand should be on top, for women, the right.

Gently pass the hands across each other so you can feel an electromagnetic push/pull between them. Do this at least 21 times.

You will start to feel an electric “glove” surrounding your hand. Use your hands to brush over your etheric – or energetic field around your body.

Duration: 14:24

Video tags: Rainbow Healing System, Qigong Exercises